Bloody Holy Week in the Philippines




Holy Week in the Philippines is a significant religious observance for the country’s Roman Catholic majority and most Protestant groups.

Every year during these dates and in different towns of the country, a macabre procession is initiated, even rejected by the Vatican as extremely bloody.

Dozens of men begin this macabre ritual with the "Via Cruzis" where they do the whole journey, some lashing to purge the sins committed during the year, others carrying huge wooden crosses simulating the journey that Jesus made.

At the end of the day, after having made all the way through the streets of the city, where the traces of blood left by the penitents are visible, both on the floor and on the walls of the houses. In the middle of that "bloody festival" three men end up crucified on top of a mountain just as it happened in Jerusalem on Mount Calvary. Before the eyes of hundreds of curious people who attend this show.